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We are your brand partner and your powerful back-of-the-house solution. Pairing premium technology and automation with decades of industry expertise, we provide our clients peace of mind to focus on their brands, knowing we are staying ahead of the industry’s demands. Our solution ensures your brand is always one step ahead of your customers’ expectations.


CFA & Smart Warehousing provides fulfillment and technology solutions to over 100+ companies and counting

Integrated Solutions

Oor CFA Smart Warehousing integrates with the industry's leading technology solutions to ensure seamless integration with your company's ordering processes.

Why Smart Warehouses are Important?

A WMS offers several essential functions that begin as soon as the items arrive at the warehouse. These include:

  • Barcoding and RFID tags for tracking item arrival time, quantities, and storage locations
  • Real-time monitoring of assets, orders, and warehouse operators’ tasks and schedules
  • Order and fulfillment management capabilities that notify you about reorders and order dispatch and receipt
  • Advanced analytics for data-driven decision-making and continuous improvement
  • Integration with other supply chain management tools and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems

A WMS provides advanced inventory management capabilities, such as:

  • Real-time inventory tracking and visibility
  • Automated inventory replenishment based on demand forecasts
  • Efficient handling of returns, exchanges, and damaged goods
  • Cycle counting and auditing for inventory accuracy
  • Product categorization and optimization of storage locations

Implementing a WMS can significantly improve inventory management, reducing excess stock, stockouts, and associated costs.

Warehouse management serves as a vital link between the production of goods and their delivery to customers. Inefficient warehouse management can negatively affect a company’s overall efficiency and productivity. As a critical component of the supply chain, effective warehouse management helps maintain order and ensures that products reach the right customers at the right time

A WMS contributes to warehouse safety in several ways, including:

  • Streamlining traffic patterns and minimizing congestion within the warehouse
  • Automating manual tasks, reducing the risk of injuries from repetitive or heavy lifting
  • Providing real-time visibility into warehouse operations, helping identify potential safety hazards or bottlenecks
  • Ensuring proper training and certifications for warehouse staff by tracking skills and competencies
  • Facilitating data-driven decision-making to proactively address safety concerns and minimize risks

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